Best Fire Extinguishers for Commercial Use

Best Fire Extinguishers for Commercial Use
Keeping commercial environments safe from the perils of accidental fires forms one of the key priorities of many businesses. Of the methods used to combat accidental fires, use of fire extinguishers has always remained as the core resolve. However, due to alarming increase in number of accidental fires there is need for a greater sensitization. Below are details on how different commercial fires can be controlled using different fire extinguishers.
Classes of fires
There are basically four classes of fires namely; A, B, C and K. Since each class is fuelled by different materials, understanding each class will form the basic guide to buying the appropriate extinguisher for an appropriate commercial environment
These are caused by inorganic materials like clothe and paper. They are fairly common in camping sites and restaurants that rely on wood as their main source of fuel.
These are type of fires that are caused by flammable liquids such as kerosene and alcohol. They are mostly found in gas stations, clubs, and laboratories.
These are fires that are caused due to poor handling of electricity. It may arise due to overloading of cables or short circuiting. They are the most common fires that are found in areas that rely on heavy electricity voltage.
There are the most common types of fires in homes that use flammable vegetable or animal oil for cooking.
Types of fire extinguishers
ABC Fire Extinguishers
It is the type of fire extinguisher that is able to fight both the A, B, and C types of fires. Despite this potential the chemical however contains corrosive chemical, mono ammonium phosphate and it is advisable to wash your hands thoroughly after use. Due to its efficiency, it is found in virtually all commercial environments and homes.
Class K Fire Extinguishers
As noted earlier, these extinguishers play a big role in fighting fires caused by cooking oils. The mists of potassium acetate and potassium citrate form a blanket on the surface of the burning oil preventing the fire from reigniting.
Halotron Fire Extinguishers
These extinguishers fights both B and C classes and in special case the A class. It is one of the best extinguishers in that it vaporizes quickly, and it neither conducts heat nor shock. It is best suited for a variety of commercial environments like cyber, laboratories, and hospitals.
Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers
These are set of fire extinguishers that fight Class C electrical fires that arise due mishandling of electricity. The extinguisher displaces oxygen from the contact area thus preventing further combustion. They are synonymous with open environments as they can easily cause suffocation.
Water Mist Fire Extinguishers
As the name suggests, these extinguishers use moist water as the major ingredient in combating fires. Unlike other extinguishers, these fire sprinkler system boost safety due to lack of chemicals. For this reason, they are safe to use in confined environments.
Purple K Fire Extinguishers
These extinguishers are suited for B and C classes of fires. Its name, however, should not be mistaken with the possibility of it combating CLASS K Fires. So far, they are the most effective in combating fires associated with flammable liquids and electricity.