What You Can Do To Maintain Your Awning

What You Can Do To Maintain Your Awning
Awnings are an essential aspect of a home. Many people nowadays use sunshades in their homes. No matter where you install them, they will always change the appearance your home. If you have Eastern facing windows like me, then these awnings will add much-needed shade. However, most people do not think about maintenance during the installation of awning contractor Singapore. I will usually ensure my canopies look clean and appealing at all times and here is what you can do to maintain your awning as well.
Regular cleaning
Everything around the home requires regular cleaning and shelters are not exceptional to this. Ensure you carry out awning cleaning many times in a year. Regular cleaning will help avoid the buildup of stains and maintain their eye-catching look. Here are a few things that I use the clean my sunshades:

Garden hosepipe
Sealer or cloth cleaner
Scrubbing brush

Avoid using cleaning items that can cause damage to the awnings. If there are stains that are hard to remove, I suggest seeking the services of a professional cleaner to carry out extensive cleaning. An expert might be able to get out any dirty that you had difficulty removing. This is a good way to ensure your awnings look attractive across all the seasons of the year.
Apply a stain protector
Awnings are likely to fade because they are always exposed to harsh conditions of nature. The only way to keep them attractive is by using a sealant. If you want to keep your awnings inviting regardless of the season, I suggest you use a sealant to clean your awnings. After that, you can now coat them using a commercial sealant that is ideal for outdoor use.
Retract sunshades when not in use
Weather plays a meaningful role in determining the condition of your awnings and causes harmful effects. The Wind is considered one of the biggest dangers to awnings. I, therefore, recommend taking back of the sunshades when they are not in use. Be aware of the rain storms that could result to hail and protect them from unnecessary wind damages. Conduct a thorough research, so you know when the winds are so high.
Proper storage
When your sunshades are not in use, they should be stored properly. Storing a wet awning may result in the growth of mildew. Most of the times when carrying my awnings for storage, I ensure I do not drag them across rough surfaces, for example, a concrete patio which might damage them. Roll your sunshade on a cart when taking them for storage. This will increase their life span. Moreover, it is also nice to inspect the place where you plan to store them to ensure no rough items are around.
Maintenance does not only keep the sunshade look inviting, but it also extends its life for a few more years. Regularly cleaned and maintained awnings are likely to last for several years as compared to the poorly maintained. Maintenance also adds the value and the general style of your home.